Gentle vertebral therapy

With this method, healing is achieved through the spine. Back pain and many other ailments are caused by today's civilization and modern pace of life. Too little exercise, longer periods sitting, daily worries, individual problems and many more things negatively influence our bodies. Our most important load bearer and our locomotor system, the spine, is enormously strained and deformed as a result. Our nerve tracts (31 spinal nerves), which spread out from the spine and control our organs, can be severely strained and, in the worst case, pinched, among other things, by the impairments described.

Every vertebral displacement can affect a multitude of blockages and complaints on all levels of our personal being: in the region of the nerves, the circulatory system, or in terms of energy and psychologically.

This treatment method allows the vertebrae to be pushed back into their correct position with gentle pressure countering the transverse process. No jerky movements are performed during treatment. During this process, the spine, muscles and nerve pathways are also aligned. The legs, pelvis and shoulders are also repositioned correctly during the treatment, whereby the customer contributes a significant part to this by his own movement when pushing in the vertebrae.

In my treatments, I work with a great deal of empathy. This method is harmless. I only perform it with my hands. Usually one to five treatments is sufficient to achieve an improvement or even healing. In the case of scoliosis, for example, a longer treatment phase is certainly required. The subsequent self-help ("two tennis balls in one stocking") is an essential part of the healing process.

In order to achieve a better straightening of the spine and the loosening of blocked vertebrae, assistance, i.e. the completion of homework, is unavoidable.

At the end of the vertebral therapy I will gladly show you and give you two simple exercises that you can perform anywhere in a few minutes to feel better.

With this unique vertebral therapy, pain can be relieved until it disappears completely.

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